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The most critical component of a successful dissertation is the review of literature.  Sometimes called a "Lit Review", it is so important that it becomes the foundation for all other steps needed to complete a dissertation for many reasons.  Why?  The main reason is because it is usually in this chapter, the dissertation review of literature (in many cases Chapter II), where a logical analysis of the source materials is laid out.

The Dissertation Literature Review is Key

It is never wise to put time into writing the elements of Chapter I or the Proposal for a dissertation without FIRST completing a thorough review of the literature in your field of study.  Why?  Simply put, a good dissertation literature review involves the steps of identifying, reviewing, and organizing existing information from previously completed research in relevant fields and other resources.  It is during the act of performing these steps that the concepts and details used in forming the Proposal are uncovered.  In essence, the review is the core of your scholarly paper.  So it is very important to do the Dissertation Review of Literature first.  If you are having trouble with your Proposal, do the Lit Review.  You will be glad you did.

What a Lit Review is Not

Your Review of Literature should NOT be viewed simply as a summary or detailed list of articles and publications. Much more than that, a good review MUST be comprised of BOTH an analysis and an evaluation of ALL source materials, and written using a methodology that narrows the conclusion down from a general to a specific synthesis, addressing all of the issues involved at the empirical and theoretical levels.

Dissertation Review of Literature Services

Writing a thorough Dissertation Review of Literature takes time. Every pertinent piece of literature, i.e., book, article, or web site, must be read, studied, and reviewed for ideas that will help your dissertation project.  Documenting each is critical, since the ability to identify how and where each piece can help you will become more and more important as the project expands over time.

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